To see how well BiRG performs, we found all python (exclusively python, no other code like for example c) and cmake (packages with a CMakeList.txt in the root folder) packages on bioconda-recipes.

We then tried to build the recipes for these packages with BiRG. We considered the recipe created successfully if running bioconda-utils build with the recipe resulted in a successful build, as this is how a recipe should be used to make a conda package.

Note: Before running the packages on BiRG, we filtered out all packages that didn’t get a successful built with bioconda-utils build given its own recipe (E.g. blacklisted packages)


  • Python packages (both python2 and python3):
    • Date: 15/3/20

    • Total amount: 397

    • Successful builds: 256

    • Percentage of packages successfully built: 64%

  • Cmake packages:
    • Date: 13/11/19

    • Total amount: 49

    • Successful builds: 28

    • Percentage of packages successfully built: 57%